Training for SRE Teachers

There are Department of Education (DoE) guidelines for SRE and we are committed abiding by these it's most important that all SRE teachers fulfil these guidelines. Approved Providers, such as the Association of Baptist Churches in NSW & ACT (Baptist Union of NSW), have to give an assurance to the government that all teachers they authorise receive 'initial and ongoing training'.

That means that to receive authorisation, two types of training is required -

safe ministry training (Creating Safe Spaces) and SRE classroom training.

Due to changes since 2011 to legislation and DEC requirements,

only training done since Jan 2012 will be recognised for current authorisation.

Recommended On-Going Training Days  
Something that is kids related and could be adapted to use in SRE (minimum of two hours per year)

It is a Government requirement that all teachers attend initial and ongoing training in child protection.  We require that you attend one that includes spiritual aspects, therefore

click here to email Joseph Lam for information of Creating Safe Spaces Training (includes Child Protection)

Important Note: ONLY training provided by an Approved member of the SCTA
Safe Church Training Agreement) is accepted.

The Baptist Association have a new Creating Safe Space Course that involves an on line component & face to face to face. Need to do both

Stand alone ‘on line one’  training is not approved.

Please check with Joseph Lam before commencing any training.

The SRE contact with the Baptist Association is Cheryl Clendinning
02 9868 9235 (leave a message)

See below for upcoming basic SRE training days

(based on the agreed framework as set out by ICCOREIS NSW Inc)

Click here to see the ICCOREIS Standard

Important Information: This training is not just about ‘how’ to teach, but also about the ‘why’.

It is for new and experienced, primary and high school SRE teachers
(including trained and experienced classroom teachers and pastors)

regardless of which curriculum you use

Evidence shows that people leave the day feeling re-energised, enthusiastic,

and amazed at what they have learned  have been able to share.

© Updated January 2018

            Click here for a summary of all the Basic SRE modules

           Download for information to do Observation Lesson (Module 6) Word or Pdf

Training DVDs

Face-to-face training days along with on-the-job training are undoubtedly the most effective type of training. Getting together with a professional and other teachers provides valuable opportunities to share challenges, pray, learn new skills, share your best tips and stay updated, not to mention having fun with like-minded people.

But because of the difficulty of providing training for all teachers, all around the state, at a suitable time, the Baptist Association and GodSpace have combined to produce training DVDs based on the competencies in the ICCOREIS agreed training framework. These DVDs are ideal for new teachers, for those who have not yet done all the essential classroom modules at a training day and for those who want a refresher.

The DVDs are contemporary, varied and entertaining. There are interviews with professional teachers, scenes from classrooms, skits to highlight common misconceptions and much more. The aim is to help each SRE teacher fulfil their role better, no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are.


To receive credit for these modules towards your authorisation, you need to watch them and complete a written handout* then inform us when that is completed. The handout are sent electronically to the person ordering the DVD’s. Please contact Cheryl if you have not received the handouts.

There are two packs, $20 each, gst free. (+ postage & handling). Each has two modules.

Pack One = Mods 1 & 2.             Pack Two = Mods 3 & 4.                                   Email here to order DVD’s

* Email for the Handouts to accompany the training DVD’s will be sent to the person ordering the DVD’s.

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More being planned - email for requests and details

           2018 Dates  Training for volunteers
Click onto the name of the town/city for more details and printable flyer

           ‘Teaching Christian Faith in the Classroom’ & ‘Introduction to Pastoral Care’ -
Training for Paid High School SRE Teachers
Click here for more information to enrol for both these courses at Morling College

Feb 14  Wallsend (evening)
Module 4
             Register here

Feb 16  Epping
Modules 2 & 3
             Register here

Feb 17  Webinar (on line)
Module 5 only
              Register here

Feb 17  Epping
Modules 5, 1 & 4
              Register here

Feb 21 Wallsend (evening)
Module 5
             Register here

Feb 23  Dubbo
Mods 3 & 4
              Register here

Feb 28 Wallsend (evening)
Module 6
             Register here

Mar 19  Wingham (HunterSRE)
Mod 1
             Register here    

Mar 26  Wingham (HunterSRE)
Mod 2
             Register here

Apr 9   Wingham (HunterSRE)
Mod 3
             Register here

Apr 30  Wingham (HunterSRE)
Mod 4
             Register here    

May 7  Wingham (HunterSRE)                                                     
Mod 5
             Register here

May 14 Wingham (HunterSRE)                            
Mod 6
             Register here